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Preparing To Sell Your French House Privately

Posted by admin on November 16, 2017

If you decide to sell your French house privately then you will be undertaking more work than if you go down the route of using a French agency. You may, of course, decide to use both methods to find a buyer and as long as you sign a ‘mandat de vente simple’ with the agency, this can be a good idea as it may increase your chances of finding a buyer because the agency is likely to have a different client base than that which your private advertisement is likely to attract. Selling a French house privately will be more work for you but may well be more effective and will certainly be cheaper.

How to Sell Your French House

Firstly, have a good look around your French property and think about what group of buyers it is likely to appeal to and try to write your description with this group in mind. When preparing the description do not over-promise on the condition. If you are only half way through the renovations then state so simply and emphasise that this allows someone buying the house the opportunity to stamp their own personality on it. Never forget when writing the description to endeavour to turn any possible negatives into positives. When compiling the description give enough information but don’t let it become boring. If you use a good U.K. based French property company to help you sell privately they will want to talk to you before advertising your French house for sale and will gather more detailed information from you which they will be able to use to answer any questions from potential buyers. Finally, do try to include a description of the feeling of living in the house and the area such as distance to facilities, how lovely something nearby is, ease of access from U.K., delightful neighbours etc.etc.

Make sure you take photos, at least 10, when the property looks at its best. Take really good external shots when the sun is out and hopefully there is some colour in the garden. Featuring some garden furniture always starts to provide the feeling of the lifestyle that owning your house may offer them. Using an external shot as your main one is almost always essential. Buyers are drawn by the image of the exterior of the house and how it sits in its surroundings as this cannot be changed much, whereas interior decor can be slowly altered to suit personal tastes. However, interior shots are really important too. Make sure interiors are light and bright and have a go at trying photographing with lights on, lights off, fire lit, bowls of fruit, flowers and, of course, make sure everything is spic and span and tidy. Don’t make it look too staged but do make it look very tempting!

Describing and photographing are vital in the marketing of your French house but pricing it right is the most likely reason the phones will start ringing. Most of us tend to over-value our own properties, not surprisingly, as we love our homes and the memories they hold for us. However, do not forget your house is in competition with every other house on the market so do some research and look at property websites to see what price is likely to tempt a potential buyer to want to view your special French house. Almost certainly a potential buyer will want to negotiate the price but if you price it right in the first place you are likely to get more interested buyers and can explain that you cannot drop the price too much but will help them out a little!

Sell Your French House With Healey Fox

Would you like to find a private buyer and sell your French house? Get more exposure direct to people who are actively looking to buy a house in France? Save paying high French agency fees? Then benefit from including your property in all Healey Fox’s online marketing and email campaigns to 5000+ buyers. You will need someone to welcome buyers and show the house and we do all the marketing, speak with clients, pre-qualify all leads and arrange as many visits as possible to find a buyer. Our fee only applies when there is a successful sale to a buyer we introduced. Healey Fox charge 2% of the net sale price of the property above €250,000 and 2.5% for properties below this price.

Contact Healey Fox to help you sell your French house
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