French Character Houses For Sale (1016)

French character houses, also known as “maisons de caractère,” are a popular type of architecture in France. There are several different types of French character houses, each with their own unique features and styles. Here are some of the most common types:

Farmhouses – Farmhouses are one of the most common types of French character houses. They are typically made of stone or brick, with a steeply pitched roof and large windows. Many farmhouses also have a barn or other outbuildings attached to them.

Chateaux – Chateaux are large, elegant French country houses that were traditionally owned by wealthy landowners or nobles. They often feature ornate architecture and expansive grounds with gardens, ponds, and fountains.

Manoirs – Manoirs are smaller than chateaux, but still elegant and refined. They were typically owned by minor nobility or wealthy merchants, and often feature a central tower or staircase.

Maison de Maître – Maison de Maître, or “master’s house,” is a term used to describe a large, elegant house that was traditionally owned by a wealthy family or aristocrat. They often feature a symmetrical façade, high ceilings, and ornate decoration.

Bastides – Bastides are fortified houses that were common in medieval times. They typically feature thick stone walls, narrow windows, and a central courtyard.

Longères – Longères are traditional farmhouses that are long and narrow in shape. They often feature a thatched roof and are made of stone or brick.

Maisons à colombages – Maisons à colombages, or half-timbered houses, are a type of house that features exposed wooden beams and plaster or brick infill. They are often found in the northern regions of France.

Each type of French character house has its own unique charm and character, making them popular with buyers and tourists alike.

€ 609,900
VN845300E -

Former Domain With Maison De Maitre, Family ...

10 Bedrooms 4 Baths
€ 696,200
MM696200E -

Superb Maison De Maitre With Garden And Barn...

8 Bedrooms 3 Baths
€ 215,070
10594-STC -

Beautiful Stone House With Garden, Studio An...

3 Bedrooms 1 Bath
120sq metersm2 660m2
€ 418,700
10591-VI -

**Beautiful Stone House With Views

2 Bedrooms 2 Baths
116.37m2 3600m2
€ 378,000
10567-EY -

Renovated Farmhouse Just 4 Minutes From Eyme...

3 Bedrooms 1 Bath
155m2 7280m2
€ 445,200
AP2501 -

**Old Restored Farmhouse With Swimming Pool ...

4 Bedrooms 3 Baths
181m2 8808m2
€ 397,000
R6694 -

Beautiful, Spacious And Versatile Stone Hous...

6 Bedrooms 4 Baths
302m2 7491m2
€ 70,000
R6692 -

Nice old house habitable on the ground floor...

2 Bedrooms 1 Bath
78m2 267m2
€ 440,000
1795 FD -

**Very beautiful house renovated with taste

3 Bedrooms 1 Bath
150m2 4200m2
€ 546,000

An interesting property with a lucrative inc...

4 Bedrooms 3 Baths
sq meters 8000mm2
€ 130,000
€ 218,500
€ 795,000

**Luxury property with guesthouse, pool and ...

5 Bedrooms 3 Baths
400m2 32956m2

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