Buying With A French Mortgage

Are you raising finance for the purchase of your French property?

With our years of experience in the French property market we have an established partnership with one the leading French banks.

Obtaining a French mortgage can ease the purchase of your property and protect you in case anything goes wrong with your financial plans.

The statement that you will be raising a mortgage to buy the property can only be written into the compromis (the first contract) if it is a French mortgage. Should you intend to remortgage your U.K. property for the purchase and anything goes wrong with the plan you will be committed to proceeding with the French purchase. A French mortgage will also leave your U.K. property free from debt.

And these are not the only advantages. French interest rates are low and French banks issue you with a pre-approved mortgage statement which will clarify your buying budget and can be a good negotiating tool when it comes to discussing the purchase price.

The French banks we work with will also liaise with the notaire and agent to ensure that the purchase proceeds smoothly.

During our time of helping clients to raise their finance we also have established links with a very good broker who can usually weave magic with even difficult cases!




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