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Memories Of French Winters´╗┐

Jan 31, 2019
This morning, in Somerset, I awoke to blue skies and frosty fields. The brightness, which replaced the many grey da ...
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The French Lake District – Limousin an...

Dec 10, 2018
The Lake District of France The Limousin and Haute-Charente are known as the Lake District France. A name well dese ...
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Living And Buying Property In Limousin

Oct 02, 2018
Buying Property in Limousin, Nouvelle Aquitaine Limousin, now part of Nouvelle Aquitaine, remains a favourite desti ...
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A Hamper Of Food From South West France

Jul 17, 2018
Winners Of Our Recent Draw And French Property Limousin We chose to send delicacies from South West France to the w ...
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Memories of Autumn in Limousin France

Oct 13, 2017
  Golden Leaves of The Limousin Autumn in France As the autumn leaves start to fall and the the smell of woods ...
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