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Memories of Autumn in Limousin France

Posted by admin on October 13, 2017


Golden Leaves of The Limousin Autumn in France

As the autumn leaves start to fall and the the smell of woodsmoke is carried on the crisp air I remember with warm feelings the happiness that autumn in Limousin always brought to me.

I loved having a home in France and when that home was in Limousin, autumn was always my happiest season. The incredible colours of the trees against the vivid blue sky certainly rivalled anything that New England is so famous for. Added to the beauty of the French landscape was also the joy of empty roads and walks when I felt as though I had the whole beautiful countryside to myself. At these moments I knew how happy I was to own a property in France and especially to have a home in Limousin.

The Wonderful Smell Of Chestnuts Cooking

The other joy of life in rural France is the way that what one eats changes with the season. Autumn in Limousin brought chestnuts to every table. With an abundance of these trees in all the local woods everyone replaced potatoes with chestnuts in their meals. Free, local food….life doesn’t get much better than this. Added to the chestnuts, of course, was the delight of autumn mushrooms. Going out with a basket early in the morning to collect breakfast was wonderful and if you happened to find some mushrooms you didn’t know were edible you could always take them to the local pharmacist to have them checked out. In this way I increased my knowledge of edible free food considerably.

So many happy memories of autumn in France. If you are thinking of buying a French property then this is certainly a good time of year to view French property for sale. The weather tends to remain mild throughout France until December, the skies can be blue, the landscape is beautiful and the rush of summer buyers are over so our French partner agents have plenty of time to show you properties to suit your requirements. Call us on 01306 775 008 to discuss your requirements; we can then make an appointment for you to view some suitable and delightful properties.

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