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Empty Homes Taxes in France

Nov 14, 2023
France, like numerous countries globally, grapples with housing challenges, marked by a scarcity of affordable home ...
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The Property Renovation Dream in France

Nov 27, 2019
Despite the numerous stories of French property renovation dreams turning into nightmares, the good news is that it ...
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Where To Look For Property For Sale In Franc...

Oct 28, 2019
Are You Looking For Property In France? North, South, East, West – where to look for Property in France Every ...
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Is Now A Good Time To Buy Property In France...

Sep 02, 2019
There’s Never Been A Better Time To Buy French Property Even though FNAIM (the professional organisation for F ...
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Your French Property Viewing Trip

Aug 19, 2019
What Happens on a Viewing Trip? So …. you have spent hours, weeks and possibly months searching through websi ...
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Secret South East France

Jul 15, 2019
Vaucluse, the heart of Roman France Many of us dream of the blue skies and warm sunshine of the South of France wit ...
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Key News on Buying French Property

May 22, 2019
Are you looking to buy property in France Despite the current political turmoil Brits are still buying homes in Fra ...
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Buying Property In France Or Spain

May 07, 2019
House In France Or Spain? Mostly our clients contact us because they know they want to buy a French property but oc ...
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Impressions of Normandy France

Apr 30, 2019
When you mention Normandy to the Brits they most often think of D-Day landings and the beaches of World War 2, Mont ...
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Why The British are Buying French Property

Apr 24, 2019
Brits Are Buying French Properties Thanks To The Way Of Life And The Climate When it comes to buying a home abroad, France has for many years attracted the second largest number of British buyers ...
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Buying Property In France Under 100K

Apr 12, 2019
Property For Sale In France Less Than 100,000 Euros Once you start looking at French property for sale it all becom ...
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Buying Property in France

Apr 04, 2019
Why would anyone buy a property in France? When we tell friends and family that we are Buying Property in France re ...
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