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Where To Look For Property For Sale In France

Posted by admin on October 28, 2019

Are You Looking For Property In France?

North, South, East, West – where to look for Property in France

Everyone who decides to look for property for sale in France has their own needs and requirements. However, sometimes people tend to focus so much on properties getting confused about where in France they want to be. To try to simplify the search I have divided the country into North, South, East and West to provide a very short overview. The division of France is inevitably a little arbitrary, to make sense of it I have allocated the new French regions into one of the four divisions.

Looking for properties in Northern France

The North is the regions of Normandy, Brittany, Pays-de-la-Loire and Centre-Val-de-Loire. This part of France is often chosen by people driven to buy property in France with easy access from the U.K. than by the search for a better climate. Normandy has the wonderful feel of tradition, whether it be the old fashioned elegance of Deauville, the port of Honfleur or the smaller traditional family resorts such as Granville. Inland Normandy and Brittany boast French countryside with orchards, forests, rolling pastures and pretty villages.

If you like bustling seaside resorts look at the areas around Vannes, Lorient and Concarneau. The coast of Pays-de-la-Loire is famous for sailing and this region and Centre-Val-de-Loire offer more sophistication than Normandy and Brittany, especially around the towns of Le Mans, Angers and Tours. However, away from the larger towns life is still very rural offering a peaceful environment in which to live. If you are looking for properties for sale in France offering a mild climate, with roses often still blooming at Christmas, rural lifestyle, days at the beach or along the wonderful river Loire, then investigate Northern France.

Looking For Property In The South of France

Why does the South tempt so many people looking for property for sale in France? The south is the regions of Occitanie and Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur. Most people who look for properties for sale here are tempted by its famous 300+ days of annual sunshine. With the climate comes a lifestyle that is quite different to the U.K. and to Northern France Most of life is lived outside, in shady market squares in the summer and basking in sun at pavement cafés in the cooler (or even cold) days of winter. With the tempting climate, fields of lavender, cypress trees and olive groves and the azure blue Mediterranean comes a higher price tag for property. However the best value properties are found in the areas around Perpignan, Pezenas and Montpellier. If the price is no obstacle then the area behind the Provence coast is mouth-wateringly beautiful.

Will You Go East To Look For Your Property In France?

I have grouped together Hauts-de-France, Grande-Est, Bourgogne-France-Comte and Auvergne-Rhône-Alps. Much of this area appeals to people wanting to live near the mountains, with the Central Massif in Auvergne and the Alps visible from much of Bourgogne-Franche-Comte and Rhône Alps. Whether it’s the winter skiing in France or long walking trails or just the remoteness of parts of the east it is a good area in which to search for properties for sale in France. And it’s not all rural, down from the mountains Dijon, Lyon and Grenoble are just a few of the lively and sophisticated towns in the east.

Go West In Your Search For Properties For Sale In France

The west of France, the Nouvelle Aquitaine, has masses of beautiful open countryside, hugely long sandy beaches, the Pyrénées mountains, the Dordogne river and hundreds of medieval villages and towns plus lovely centres such as the elegant Bordeaux and Biaritz, the very French Poitiers and Limoges and the pink city of Toulouse. The climate has always attracted people wanting more sun and heat than the U.K. but not the incessant sun of the South. Access is easy as this area has always attracted U.K. buyers so there are numerous airports throughout the region with flights from all over the U.K.

Experience Of France And Its Properties

A very brief trip through France can never provide enough information on everything that each area has to offer but at Healey Fox we have years of experience of France and its properties, if you are looking for properties for sale in France then please call us +44 (0)1306 775 008. We love sharing our knowledge and would welcome the opportunity to help you find the right place for your home in France.

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