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Buying Property In France Or Spain

Posted by admin on May 7, 2019

House In France Or Spain?

Mostly our clients contact us because they know they want to buy a French property but occasionally we find ourselves discussing the rival virtues of France and Spain. Needless to say, we are convinced that owning a house in France is the best choice but for those people who still feel attracted to Spain, we are really pleased that we have a partner agency in Haute-Garonne. Jonathan, who works in the agency which is based in Aurignac says “I go to Spain often, it is a lovely day out and so close, we have some tapas, a little shopping, a change of scenery, and some of my favourite restaurants are just over the border. The proximity of Spain is wonderful and I can be there in less than 1 hour.” Buying a French home in Haute-Garonne allows buyers ease of access to Spain and the increased security that buying a French property provides. The robustness of the French property market, with ownership clear and legally defined and stable house prices, is far more attractive to most people than buying in Spain.

Haute-Garonne France, The Healthiest Place To Live

The Midi-Pyrénées, now part of the newly created region Occitanie, is often referred to as the healthiest place to live in France. People buying property in Haute-Garonne are attracted by the lack of traffic and the wonderful countryside for walking, cycling and skiing and this must all contribute Haute-Garonne to being one of the healthiest places to live. However, should you be unfortunate enough to get ill then in Haute-Garonne you are in good hands. Toulouse, the capital of Haute-Garonne is a major centre of both heart and cancer research, again less than an hour from Aurignac. The Pasteur clinic is renowned for heart research and Toulouse boasts two organisations, one private, the other public, which are recognised in France and across Europe for their expertise in cardiology. In fact, the Pasteur Clinic and the Toulouse University Hospital rank first in France in the field of interventional cardiology, with 5000 coronary angioplasties performed and 300 percutaneous aortic valves fitted annually. Cancer research in Toulouse is also amongst the foremost in the world, the Oncopol site covers 220 hectares with a superb modern, world class research facility.

Hopefully you won’t get ill but it’s good to know that expertise of this level is on hand if you do. Our partner agency have experience of Brits living in the area who have benefitted greatly from the health service. Obviously no-one knows what will happen with Brexit but optimistic buyers still hope to be able to benefit from the high level of healthcare in France.

What’s it like to live in Haute-Garonne France?

The Haute-Garonne department is in the newly created Occitanie region of southern France. The department covers diverse landscapes, from the undulating and hilly regions to the north and the border with Gascony, to the mountainous Pyrénées and the Spanish border to the south, and with the UNESCO listed Canal du Midi passing through its heart. As well as the famous Canal there are also large forests in the south. The whole landscape offers ample opportunities to enjoy exploring the beautiful countryside, from hiking and boating in the summer to skiing in the Pyrénées in winter. Haute-Garonne is one of the most unspoiled regions of France. As Jonathan, says “If I were to sum up in a few words what it is like to live in our region I would say quality of life, quality of life, quality of life! Long hot summers with abundant village activity, sparkling springs of superb clarity and colour, wonderful autumn days of crisp forest walks and short sharp winters with skiing in the Pyrenees. Great food, lovely locals who are welcoming, stunning scenery with the Pyrenees ever present, even if some days their splendour is hidden by a heat haze!

At Healey Fox we love sharing our knowledge and experience with you. Check out our lovely Haute Garonne properties here, or call us on 01306 775 008 for a friendly chat about why you should buy a house in Haute-Garonne.

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