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Holidaying And Living in Languedoc

Languedoc France, Living And Holiday News

With summer’s arrival many people are beginning to make plans for a break away in the sun.  If your chosen country of destination is France, there can be fewer French regions with more appeal than Languedoc. The news on holidaying in Languedoc is that it is still exceedingly popular with British people. And it’s not surprising, Languedoc is a great part of France for a holiday any time of the year but the warmth of summer, the azur blue skies, the sound of cicadas and that wonderful sunshine all day long makes Languedoc a very tempting destination for a summer get-away. And the good news about Languedoc is that many Brits who first fall in love with the area while on holiday are now finding ways to move there full time long before they retire. The really exciting news is that living in Languedoc for Brits is becoming more and more popular and buying French property in Languedoc remains very affordable for buying French property.

Languedoc, is part of Occitanie, and starts at the Spanish border continuing all along the Mediterranean coast as far as the Rhône delta where it finally meets Provence. Apart from the beautiful Mediterranean coastline inland Languedoc also boasts canals, rivers, lakes and numerous dramatic gorges. All of these set amongst the numerous vineyards, forests, fruit orchards and the romantic Cévennes hills; never forgetting the olive groves, lavender fields and rows of magnificent cypress trees.

So, apart from a wonderful climate and a stunning landscape, why do people of all nationalities head to Languedoc for holidays or to buy a French property? I guess it’s the French lifestyle that is the big attraction and this is partly a result of the juxtaposition of a climate that encourages one to live outside and a landscape that constantly tempts you to spend every waking hour discovering, relaxing and enjoying your surroundings. Added to this, Languedoc remains traditionally French. It has not suffered from the tourist overload of Provence and really shies away from sophistication. For anyone who wants to spend their holiday, or the rest of their life, somewhere where seasons are celebrated, where food and drink is local and where you can still enjoy being part of a traditional French lifestyle, my advice would be to head to Languedoc.

News On Living In Languedoc

How come Brits are able to move to France and live in Languedoc before they retire? This is a question we are often asked and the most common way that people are making it work for them and their families is by working from home.  Many people in the past made the move and set up French holiday accommodation businesses but now this is changing. Maybe tourism is no longer the certain way to make a good living that it once was as there is potentially an oversupply in the market.  However, the exciting key news about the possibility of buying a home to live in full time is that it can work extremely well for anyone who can work from home.

Living in Languedoc for anyone who can work from home and make the occasional trip back to the U.K. is so easy. I know many people who have even managed to commute on a weekly basis and retain their U.K. based employment. But for anyone who can work from home living in this area of France is certainly a great possibility with the multitude of small airports offering budget fares back to the U.K.. Because Languedoc lacks the sophistication of Provence it retains its traditional French lifestyle which is very appealing to Brits who want to move to France. House prices in Languedoc, also reflect this lack of sophistication. It has not become an area of the very rich meaning that house prices remain reasonable.  Away from the coastal stretch there are numerous lovely small towns to make home, somewhere where you can enjoy the French way of life amidst a beautiful climate and stunning scenery. Why not give it a go?  Buying a property in Languedoc and living in the area can be a true investment in a better way of life.

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