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International Music Festival In France

Posted by admin on May 3, 2017

Fête de la Musique – 21 June
This international festival was set up in 1982 in France to celebrate amateur music. There are no rules about what is played, where it is played or who plays, the only rule is that every event must be free and that it should always be held on the night of the summer solstice. In France in every village, small town and large city the streets come alive with a huge variety of music. Most bars erect stages on the pavement and jazz bands, pop bands, folk bands, soloists and duos start performing at various times during the evening continuing as evening stretches into night and then, often into the early hours of the morning. Needless to say, the wine flows, the talk gets louder, the fit ones dance, the children show off their music and dance skills, the older ones join in with anything they may know and generally the whole community celebrates a very special evening. I have spent many a Fête du le Musique in France and never been disappointed. I have also been in the U.K. many times on the 21st June and been totally unaware of any international music celebration. This is just another of those community happenings that the French seem to care about so much better than we do in the U.K. Another good reason to buy a house in France.

Music education in France
Music education in France has an important place in most family’s lives. Although many schools do not offer very much in the way of instrument teaching, having Wednesday off from formal school means that many children have singing lessons and music lessons on that day. Every little village seems to have a music school where Wednesdays are hectic with children coming and going clutching sheet music and instruments. When the music school puts on a ‘show’ most of the community will go to applaud and encourage the young. It is no wonder that local music seems so much more a part of life in France than in the U.K.
For lovers of music, and life in general, a home in France will open up special experiences to you.

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