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Affordable Property South Of France

Sep 25, 2019
Excellent Value, Wonderful Lifestyle In Languedoc South Of France So often people think of the South of France as b ...
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Why The Health Conscious Property Buyer Is H...

Jul 29, 2019
Health Conscious? Come and live in France Is there any country more focussed on good food and family exercise than ...
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Poitou-Charentes Regional Overview

Jun 03, 2019
Regional Description Poitou-Charentes Poitou-Charentes is the most westerly region of France and the most northerly ...
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Getting to know Nouvelle Aquitaine

Mar 17, 2019
Haute-Vienne In Limousin The region of Limousin has now been amalgamated with Poitou-Charente and Aquitaine to form ...
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Buying Property in Charente France

Mar 03, 2019
Why Buy Property In Charente We are often asked why clients choose to buy property in Charente, with such a large c ...
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France, The Best Place For Overseas Homes?

Feb 04, 2019
What Makes France The Best Place For An Overseas Home? France remains one of the most popular countries with U.K. b ...
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Memories Of French Winters´╗┐

Jan 31, 2019
This morning, in Somerset, I awoke to blue skies and frosty fields. The brightness, which replaced the many grey da ...
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Owning Property In France

Dec 19, 2018
Housing Costs In France Most Brits who own a property in France choose a rural location and such properties cost le ...
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My Decision To Buy A House In France

Nov 08, 2018
With the current uncertainty of the effects of Brexit on U.K. owners of French property we spoke to one of our rece ...
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Living And Viewing Property in France in Aut...

Oct 15, 2018
Autumn In France When I owned a French property I used to long for autumn days. Living in the south of France meant ...
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