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The Non-Christmas Card Tradition In France

Posted by admin on December 19, 2017

The best ever French Christmas tradition!

As countdown to Christmas Day gets closer and closer and as my chances to get everything done diminish I think with longing of the French Christmas traditions that I used to so enjoy when I owned a property in France. It’s the Christmas card tradition, or rather the non-Christmas card tradition that I long for most. As I rush around fitting in carol concerts, buying presents, planning menus, making visits to elderly relatives and on and on I suddenly remember that I haven’t bought the Christmas cards yet. Now, if I was In France this would be of no concern at all!

Tradition In France Are Helping To Taking the stress out of Christmas

Traditionally in France cards are sent for New Year…..but even better, etiquette allows you to send the New Year cards right through the whole month of January. To me, this one tradition really highlights the difference between living in France and living in the U.K. and is a major reason for buying a French property. This one difference between the Christmas celebrations in France and the U.K. not only takes out the stress of buying, writing and queuing in the post office for hours to send all those cards but also allows you to make the sending of them a real pleasure. In my home in France I would spend an hour most January evenings sitting by the log fire, mug of tea or glass of wine by my side and write a few cards. As the fire crackled and glowed I had time to add little messages to each card including a note to thank my U.K. friends for their cards and for remembering me at Christmas. There was, without doubt, a certain smugness to be enjoyed in this delayed act of card sending.

Tempting you to by a house in France?

There are many things I miss about Christmas in France but most of them are summed up as the enjoyment of stress-free, simple times shared with friends and neighbours. A hotch-pot of the French and English language, a sharing of our cultures and traditions and all enjoyed without the need for heaps of unwanted presents and over-indulgent food. Mix it altogether with frosty morning walks to collect the kindling for the fires and evenings toasting our feet by a log fire and you have it…,Christmas in France.  So, if all of this is how you would like to spend next Christmas check out our amazing value properties here.

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