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What’s Special About Charente-Maritime?

May 16, 2019
Charente-Maritime France It seems that most people living in the U.K. know about Charente-Maritime, or at least, th ...
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Areas To View Property In France

Mar 06, 2019
Loire in the centre of France For anyone wanting to enjoy the best of French splendour, style and gastronomy the Lo ...
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Living and Buying Property In Charente

Nov 07, 2018
Are You Interested In Living and buying Property In Charente? The climate appeals to buyers of French property Char ...
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French Region Changes – Now Time For U...

Oct 23, 2018
It’s Time To Make The Change – French Regions From the beginning of 2016 France began reorganising itself by ...
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Why Buy Property in Aquitaine France?

Oct 02, 2018
Property in Aquitaine France Aquitaine, now forming part of Nouvelle Aquitaine, is among the most diverse regions o ...
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Where in France Are Dordogne, Languedoc And ...

Sep 12, 2018
Where is Dordogne, France? In January 2016 France reduced its number of administrative regions from 22 to 13. Despi ...
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Reasons To Live And Buy Property In Normandy

Aug 21, 2018
Normandy: So Close But So Different Having just spent a few days in Normandy I once again fell instantly in love wi ...
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10 Places In France Off The Beaten Track

Jul 25, 2018
All of France is wonderful and offers a huge diversity of landscape but little beats the enjoyment of hidden treasu ...
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